Dermarolling By Skin Condition

Here, you can find links to all of the suggested protocols that I’ve written for different skin goals. Each protocol page cites the academic research that supports the suggested protocol.

‘Protocol’ just means ‘what to do and when to do it’.

This site is very young, and I am writing new protocols all the time. If you are interested in a protocol for a skin goal that you don’t see here, you can contact me here and I’ll write one!

Protocols to Heal Scarring: 


acne scarring dermarollerProtocol – Facial Acne Scarring

Protocols for Skin Health: 


how to reduce stretch marks with a dermarollerProtocol – Stretch Marks


melasma dermarollingProtocol – Melasma

Protocols for Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Anti-Aging:


dermaroller anti aging 20sHow to Use a Dermaroller for Anti-Aging in Your Twenties

Protocols to Stimulate Hair Growth:

Brown Cookies Recipe Pinterest Graphic.pngProtocol – Hair Growth in Androgenic Alopecia Sufferers