How Does Dermarolling Work?

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How Does A Dermaroller Work_

Okay, so you’ve already added ‘dermaroller’ and ‘microneedling’ to your vocabulary. Here’s another one: “percutaneous collagen induction”. While ‘microneedling’ describes what is being done to the skin in the treatment, ‘percutaneous collagen induction’ describes the intended result. Let’s break this one down:

Collagen is the substance that makes our skin full and plump.

Induction means ‘creating or bringing about’. So, collagen induction refers to any process that spurs the body to create the collagen that makes our skin look nice and young.

But there are a lot of different (theorized and proven) ways to create collagen, and collagen exists in all sorts of places throughout the body. Percutaneous means ‘through the skin’ or ‘to the skin’, and percutaneous collagen induction specifically refers to puncturing the skin in order to spur the body to create the collagen.

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It works like this: The needles create tiny holes in the skin. Your body detects each hole and releases growth factors that seek to heal it, creating collagen and elastin (cite).  It also induces new capillaries, which helps to replace scar tissue with healthy new skin that matches the rest of the skin around it (cite). Your body is engaging in its natural healing response to injury; because the injuries, the tiny needle-holes, are so small, your body can create healthy new tissue, unlike a large injury that might leave a scar.

This is why microneedling has so many applications–it’s not that it’s some magical wonder tool that has a scar attachment and a wrinkle attachment and a hair regrowth attachment. Rather, it’s a general-use tool that is able to cause your body to replace any kind of unsatisfactory skin (scarred, wrinkled, loose, follicle-less) with healthy new skin that doesn’t have those negative qualities.

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